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Our Philosophy
Based on a God-centered view of truth as presented in the Bible, the integrating center for all of AMES' educational experiences is found in the person of Jesus Christ. The curriculum challenges the student to use every talent vigorously to honor God and contribute to society. Core academic areas require content accountability and focus on the leadership abilites of clear and effective oral and writtin communication; sound reasoning skills, numerical reasoning, computational ability, and clear decision-making. We prepare students to meet life's intellectual and philosophical challenges with a well-reasoned faith.

Our Mission

Believing that health is a treasure which should be preserved through education, and that each student should be encouraged to realize his highest potential consistent with sound mental and physical health, we seek:

1. To involve all students in a physical education program which provides instruction and training for developing skills and attitudes needed to secure and maintain personal health and physical fitness.
2.To bring students into harmony with God That they may more fully reflect His image.
3.To provide instruction of healthful and nutritious food essential to a balanced diet.
4.To encourage the student to abstain from all things harmful to health and to use in moderation that which is good.
5.To provide work opportunities in which students may satisfy their need for physical and mental activity.
6.To develop good work habits such as diligence, initiative, and honesty.

Believing that all true knowledge resides in GOD, the School will seek:

1 .To direct students to God, who is the ultimate source of all knowledge.
2.To inspire the student to mental excellence so that he may be prepared for effective and rewarding citizenship in this life and the life to come.
3.To develop the highest possible achievement in independent and creative thinking.
4.To stimulate the student to apply the spirit of inquiry to all problems.
5.To acquaint students with the basic facts and principles of knowledge in all fields which are necessary to meet intelligently the demands of every day life.
6.To enrich the mind by developing an appreciation for music, literature, art, and other aesthetic experiences.

Recognizing that experiences must be provided to help the student meet such life demands as sound social adjustment, home membership, civic responsibility, economic efficiency, and worthy use of leisure time, the school seeks:

1. To encourage the acceptance of social standards as taught by the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White.
2. To develop skill in interpersonal relations.
3. To develop respect and appreciation for home and family.
4. To develop respect for the rights and ideas of others.
5. To form habits of courtesy and graciousness.
6. To promote a realization of the responsibility of personal influence.
7. To provide the students with skills and attitudes which will enable them to enjoy healthful leisure-time activities throughout life.
8. To acquire a wide range of interests and skills necessary for self confidence and sociability.
9. To help students realize that the greatness of our country and of any democracy depends upon the personal integrity and loyalty of each citizen, and upon his willingness to participate in local, state, national and world affairs.

Recognizing that religious convictions constitute one of the dominant forces in one's life, the school accepts as one of its primary responsibilities the necessity of providing opportunities for the student to grow in love to God, to strengthen his commitment to a life lived in harmony with the will of God as revealed the in Holy Scriptures, and to realize that the most satisfying life is one of service to his fellowmen. The school therefore seeks to:

1. Give instruction on the great principles of God's Word.
2. Bring students into harmony with God, that they may more fully reflect His image.
3. Lead students to Believe in Christ as their personal savior.
4. Aid students in knowing and understanding the will of God.